Kagna: Beautiful Coincidence

Kagna (Top Left), Mother (Top Right), Siblings (Bottom) in their home made of branches and straw.

Savry, our savvy interpreter/secretary/all-in-one, is extremely thoughtful and on fire for God (and if you know me well, I don’t throw around the “on fire” tag loosely).  She decided to go visit a family in a village outside of town last Sunday because she hadn’t seen them in a while. She and her friend had gone to this village in the past to minister to the people there and pray for them. She arrived to find that the mother of the family had been injured in some sort of domestic violence by her alcoholic husband. On top of that, she recently had found out that her daughter, Kagna (pronounced Kah-nee-ah), who was supposed to find some reputable work in town had been doing rounds at a Karaoke club to bring in some extra money since her father basically drank what little income they had.

Now, call it what you want, but this is at the very least some beautiful coincidence because Kagna was not particularly fond of the Karaoke scene and her mother was not okay with it at all.  The two of them had been talking about her going to Phnom Penh, the capital city, in search of work as a waitress or something. The truth of the matter is that she probably would have ended up working in Phnom Penh as a Karaoke girl, as well, especially since she speaks no English and has no prior work experience or education to speak of. This is where we came in. Savry promised that if Kagna wanted out, she could help get her out. She talked them out of going to Phnom Penh, where her fate would no doubt be the same, and coming on board with our program. Now, instead of riding her bicycle for an hour into town each night, slapping on a ton of makeup, doing up her hair, and trying to put on a fake smile for some pervert, she has a much better living situation, access to proper eduction, and food delivered to her mother and siblings each month.

Kagna is 21. She’s a bit older than the girls we’re specifically trying to target but she was reaching out. She had shame in her eyes at the mention of her “job.”  We visited her tonight and I get the sense that she’s in a state of part disbelief, part anxiety, and part fear. I think she’s in need of some hope and consistent, proper love.  As we know, she’ll only truly find this when embracing Jesus, something we hope she’ll do at some point in the future. I also know she can benefit from your guys’ prayers.

2 responses to “Kagna: Beautiful Coincidence

  1. Stephanie Garcia

    Thanks for sharing this story. It is so awesome that you guys are out there and helping people.

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