A Big Thank You to the November Bayside Team

This is long overdue, but it must be said. We’re finally settled in (well, almost.. hehe) and it seems like just yesterday we were with the team, hanging out over dinner. We want to thank you guys all for helping us with this move. You guys really came through for us– from keeping an eye out on the kids to helping load a heap of our luggage to and fro all the places we stayed.  We know that operating amidst a family with young kids while trying to do God’s work wasn’t precisely what you signed up for but we are absolutely grateful to all of your for bearing with us.

Andy B: You always managed to crack us up. Day or night. Thanks for keeping the mood lively and for having a great sense of humor that lightened things up even when they got tense (as group dynamics are often complicated). And like the other guys, thanks for consistently breaking your back with our stuff.


Caity C: Thanks so much for always helping out with the kids. Even though we know you helped coordinate so much of the kids club stuff, you still managed to put an awesome amount of effort in helping our family out.  We’re really glad to have gotten to know you on this trip and hope you’ll be returning to the C before long!


Lindsey R: Thanks for keeping things lively and for also helping to keep an eye out on the kids.  I know you also had a lot going on with doing worship during kids club and teaching a guitar class, etc.  I know it wasn’t easy, especially the last few days but thanks for hanging in there with us and jumping in where you could. (Insert caffeinated jelly bean joke here) 😉

Liv B: You need to have an army of kids or something! Haha jk (unless you want to). But seriously, you were awesome in the van rides doing Arella’s hair and keeping them entertained with songs all the time. Like Caity, and Lindsey you had a lot on your plate and we really appreciate you stepping in with the kids.


Robi Q: RCHQ, always a pleasure.  Thanks a lot for keeping things in line and looking out for everyone. You, like Andy, were awesome stepping in to help with luggage (even though you were a little more trusting of the tuk tuk drivers than me lol). Dude what can I say? It was fun getting lost in PP and running into Cambodia’s most flamboyant man ever.


Sash H: The man. I could write volumes on you, bro.  Aside from being a great friend, you’re one of the best coordinators and group leaders one can ask for. You kept your cool for the duration of the trip even though I’m certain your head was spinning at times (what, with Roby to deal with and all…).  Dude, all I’m saying is Bayside should take notes from you. You have a way of motivating your crew. Show me another short term trip leader who has such high turnover rate of short to long term missionaries. Love you man.


Kaitlin Dunn, Jayme Mofford, (Sorry Andy), Isaac Saur

The Triad: As always, you guys are awesome. You guys had your own stuff to deal with and still found time to hang and help us as well.

This doesn’t even begin to encompass the level of praise and thankfulness we have for you guys but we hope we at least scratched the surface here. Love you all and thanks!

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