Church in Siem Reap


The reality that we’re actually living in (versus simply visiting) a new country is finally setling in. We’ve been slowly developing a routine with the kids and tonight we even found a church to call home: the Christian Fellowship of Siem Reap.

The church is comprised primarily of the small Christian ex-pat community of Siem Reap. We congregate in what I understand to be a Korean church during other hours, which is nice because most of the Koreans we’ve encountered until now were weird, drunk men at our hotel who shuttled to the Korean karaoke bars and equally strange Korean women who took pictures in front of the foliage at said hotel and shuffled to and fro with obnoxious speed and volume.

Anyhow, I’ve digressed. I’m happy to say we felt really welcomed at church and while it’s not quite home, it is a community of devoted believers from around the world and we’re glad to be a part of it.

More to come.

Napping in Tuk Tuks


So, we’ve spent the last few days trying to secure the things we need for the next year (apartment, fridge, stove, beds, pillows, AC, etc) in Siem Reap. We’re finding that at home, what might’ve taken half a day to accomplish, here it takes days. Needless to say we’re adjusting to Cambodia time and I’m not referring to time zones but rather to their seeming indifference to time altogether. That being said, James and Arella have been spending many afternoons napping in the back of Tuk Tuks (think motorcycle hauling a covered diner booth without the table). It’s been trying and we’ve barely just begun!

However, I’ve written all of this to say that it is not in vain. Last week Don took a girl out of the karaoke bars and had her promise to never return in exchange for a proper job. That basically means I’ve now hired her! Well, praise God she’s been coming in as promised every day so far. I’d like to
take this opportunity to ask you to pray for her as it’s difficult at this point to say how she will fare.

Of course I believe God has big things in store for her. Pray that she will receive Him so she can receive true hope. Also pray that we will be the proper sort of examples to her.

We’ve also been blessed to be able to hire a second employee named Savry. She is an interpreter and Khmer teacher to us and a mentor and English teacher to the first girl. Her task is not an easy one. Please also pray for her safety and guidance. She has been a true blessing so far.

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